The 3 Bureaus

Most lending institutions will check your credit history before giving you a loan. They do this by subscribing to a Credit Bureau's services. A credit bureau compiles its information through each.


Three Major Credit Bureaus in America:


There are also some smaller local bureaus. Credit bureaus do not all contain the same information, nor is any one credit bureau likely to have ALL the credit history of any one particular consumer. In all probability, there is some kind of credit information for every consumer in the United States.


Most banks, savings and loans, finance companies, credit card companies, and even some retail stores, employers, and apartment complexes will use a credit bureau's service- so they can be more aware of the financial risk they will be taking by extending the consumer credit. They are the same ones who report back to the credit bureau if that risk failed. Most lenders only run one credit check with one bureau.




In the event that they decide to run more than one, it is most likely that they are not satisfied with the results.


More details and information regarding the three major bureaus are available online in "The Way to Good Credit" Guide. We also include charts and graphs to help you create the budget that meets your lifestyle.