Sometimes bankruptcies are easier to remove than other items on your credit report.


  1. Bankruptcy files hold an incredible amount of information, so the possibility of mistakes are high.
  2. Bankruptcy is reported to credit bureaus by the court, often by overworked, underpaid clerks with little or no interest in your particular file.

Working with a government office is quite different than working with private subscribers. Getting the government to cooperate will make it hard for the credit bureau to respond to your dispute letter within the allotted time. The government's incompetence can affect your fixed credit report. Remember to send your letter of dispute to the credit bureau, NOT the court that holds the bankruptcy file. The bureau must also correct any inaccuracy within a reasonable amount of time or remove it (the bankruptcy) from your credit record. It is very easy to find some kind of inaccurate information in a bankruptcy file. Be sure to use this to your advantage.

More details and information regarding bankruptcy and how it can help or hurt you are available online in "The Way to Good Credit" Guide . We also include charts and graphs to help you create the budget that meets your lifestyle.