Credit Builder's Program

For a complete listing of credit card companies that offer secured, partially secured and unsecured credit cards at decent rates, be sure to download a free copy of "The Way to Good Credit" Guide!


The history of credit cards began in the early part of the twentieth century. The original credit card was offered to preferred customers of some exclusive hotels. Now credit cards are offered and used by almost everyone.


If you have used "plastic money" before, and found yourself sinking into debt, please be wary before using it again. You should use a credit card carefully. Interest rates on plastic money are much higher than on conventional loans. Since the 1986 Tax Reform Act, interest charges are no longer deductible. This should make you, the consumer, more aware of how much interest you are paying.Pay your balance as quickly as possible and try to avoid excess finance charges. Be aware of how much the convenience of your plastic money is costing you.

Applying for a credit card:
  • Apply at a local retailer. These merchants seem to judge more by face value than credit history.
  • Find out the requirements that will qualify you. This can be done by phone.
  • Take care in filling out the application. Ask for two forms--one to use as a worksheet, the other to submit. Write neatly and be complete with all required information.
  • A secured credit card is a good way to establish, or re-establish, a line of credit. A secured card is one that uses a savings account, or C.D. account, as collateral. This eliminates the credit card company's risk. Chances are if you have a negative credit history, or no credit history, this will be the only kind of plastic money available to you.


Remember, credit cards can entice you to overspend. You should use a credit card wisely, and for convenience only. Exercise good judgment, and prove your creditworthiness.


The Equal Credit Opportunity Act applies to credit card applications as well. Use your rights for equal opportunities.


More details and information regarding the credit cards and loans are available online in "The Way to Good Credit" Guide. We also include charts and graphs to help you create the budget that meets your lifestyle.