Our Services

Regardless of how bad your credit is or your financial situation, we have a plan for you. Some of our clients simply have yet to establish any significant levels of credit while others have gone through judgments, bankruptcy and much more. No matter what your situation is BuildMyCredit.com has a plan for you.
We offer to credit repair programs are designed get you on the right track.

Our premier program designed to help you choose the right combination of credit cards, loans and other assets that you need on your credit. We prescreen and select the credit accounts that are most likely to approve your application. The program is designed to monitor your credit scores and suggest the right types of credit that you may qualify for.

If money is your big concern let us give you the tools to do it yourself. It's not easy but if you can not afford to engage one of our trained professionals to do the task you need done, it's better than not doing anything. Download your copy of The Credit Builder's Guide today and see results in no time! Restore credit to get loans, credit cards and more.

This is our FREE, no obligation program that is designed to help you fight back against unethical debt collectors. Are you being harassed or abused by a creditor? Are you a victim of unlawful debt collection practices? Have you been misled by unscrupulous debt collectors? Have you been threatened by debt collectors? If your answer is yes to any or all of these questions, you should fight back!