The 100 Word Statement

Another way to remove negative reports from your credit file is to take advantage of the "100-word consumer statement" which allows you to tell your side of the story. "Your side of the story" will often convince a creditor that a negative entry on your report was just an unfortunate incident that couldn't be prevented at the time it occurred. "unfortunate incidents" does not mean that you are not generally trustworthy.


For example, the company you worked for went bankrupt or relocated to another state. You couldn't find a job for five months, which resulted in late payments, etc. By telling the full story, plus the fact that you now have a steady job and can meet an obligation to repay, you will counter any negative reports with a positive entry. Stick with the facts, and be sincere. It will benefit you!


On the other hand, if you had a dispute with a creditor because of defective, undelivered merchandise, etc., explain your reasons for not paying all, or part, of a bill in your consumer statement (but only if it appears in your credit bureau report.) Write your explanation as if you were speaking directly to the creditor. Just tell the facts, be sincere, and don't get too wordy, or start expressing hatred and anger. You will be given the benefit of the doubt if you explain your side intelligently and precisely.