What people are saying!

"I must admit I had doubts about signing up with your company. I have had 17 items deleted from my credit report in the last 60 days. I never thought I would be approved for a home loan again. I just got a call and was informed from the bank that they want to set my closing date for next week. Your professionalism was only outdone by your incredible results."
Gene C., Huntington Beach, CA

"I went bankrupt a year ago because of an automobile accident. My credit was shot. A friend of mine recommended that I come to you just to talk...best decision of my life. Within 4 months I now have a credit score of 730 and the bankruptcy is not even showing on my latest credit report...I am amazed to say the least. I am very, very satisfied with your company and I will also send over my brother and sister to utilize your life changing service."
Dale N., Newport Beach, CA

"My mortgage broker referred me to you and my FICO score went up over 100 points in a little over a month. I was told that nobody could get inquiries off my credit report, you proved them wrong! I am giving you the two high fives. Thanks for your down home friendliness."
Cindy M., Sacramento, CA

"Because of the real estate crash, I was buried over my head in debt. My business felt the brunt of the recession also. I thought there was no hope until a friend introduced me to your service. You brought me back from the dead more or less. My credit score is once more presentable and I feel as though I can now move forward. Thank you for all of your help."
Dr. NM, Fresno, CA

"I have sent you guys many of my clients who have bad credit. As of today, not one has not seen a drastic improvement in their credit score. I also like the fact that you are accessible and friendly….the personal touch. Businesses like yours seemed to be a thing of the past. With confidence I will continue to send my clients to you who need your help, thanks again."
Bill S., Costa Mesa, CA

"I just wanted to thank you for drastically helping me out with my credit scores. Because of my divorce, I was left in shambles. Since using your service, I have been able to get re-established and buy 4 more apartment complexes. I am so, so glad I heard about you. Thank you and I will continue to send over my patients who are having credit problems also."
Dr. Thomas J., Santa Ana, CA

"Our company has been using your services for over 5 years and have never had one person who did not get the desired results. Being in the automobile industry, we turn down quiet a few individuals who need a boost on their credit scores. It makes me and my staff feel good when we can help them get re-established and sell them a car, even if it is a month or so later. It worked our well for them and us and we plan on using you guys for ever.. Thanks."
Jason M, Whittier, CA

"My wife and myself were very excited about getting our dream home until the loan officer told me that I had been turned down because of my credit score. We were devastated. My agent then told me about you guys and how successful we had been helping many other of his past buyers. I made the call and in only one month my score was at the point where I could get approved for them same house. Lucky for us no one else got it either. So a happy ending because of using your company. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts."
Frank H., San Clemente, CA