Why BuildMyCredit.com

Our goal is to help you build a strong credit profile, by educating you and empowering you to rebuild your credit. we provide valuable tools and resources to help get you back on track. For over ten years we have been helping people to repair their credit. In the process help change their lives, their family lives, and help them achieve financial freedom. We have written credit repair books, compiled list of banks that are excited to work with those who have previous credit problems and developed proved methods that get results. Our firm is dedicated to your good credit rating. We are here for you.

Our Management team and Advisory board consists of licensed attorneys and seasoned professionals who work with the Creditors and the credit agencies every day.

Our firm is dedicated to your good credit rating. We are here for you. Cal us today at 855-4BUILDMYCREDIT (855-428-4536) for a Free, No obligation consultation.

Are we BBB Certified? Nope!

Many companies believe in the Better Business Bureau as a way to rate their business but we are not one of those firms.  It may sound silly to some but we believe that the best way to find out about a company is to work with them. Above and beyond that we offer a 100% guarantee on out services. The main reason for our position on this matter can be found in this new article by 20/20 shown below.